O H R I D - City of light

The beauty and the wealth of Ohrid are something that have to be seen, something that can’t be described with words. Together with the lake, National park Galicica and the rich Macedonian culture it is the pearl of the Balkan.
Ohrid has been populated a thousand years ago. In that time the antique Lihnidos had been located on the hill on north-east part of the Ohrid lake, and on it’s remaining is raised the middle century Ohrid and today it still stays as new contemporary city of Ohrid.

It had have 365 churches- one for every day of the year, but only small part of them are steel standing to prove it. This churches have many icon paintings, icons and wood decors from many centuries ago. Аlso has a large number of mosques.
There are many cultural manifestations, and one of them is the world famous festival ’’Ohrid summer’’. This city is one of the oldest cities on the Balkan and the prove of that is the natural and cultural wealth of the past civilizations.
The natural wealth of Ohrid and the Ohrid lake, from 1979 are under protect of UNESCO, and the cultural wealth is under protect of UNESCO since 1980.
The Ohrid lake is the oldest lake in Europe, and one of the oldest lakes in the world, and it is old about 4 to 10 millions of years. It’s origin is in the tertian period and it’s tectonic. The maximal depth is 289 meters, and it’s the 7th deepest lake in Europe.
Many of the surface and underwater springs are feeding the lake with water, and there are 40 rivers and springs that are pouring into the lake. The water is crystal and clear, and the sun rays can reach over 20 meters depth.